THE DAY AFTER – 10th Italian Cuisine and Wines World Summit

  • 28 November 2018
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  • The curtain has just come down on the most comprehensive promotion of Italian Cuisine, restaurants, produce and wines worldwide. Continuity, consistency and professional relevance make the Summit unique.

    In a world of words once again numbers and quality spoke by themselves: 4-stop roadshow: Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Dubai; 120 hosting and guest chefs involved (40 Michelin starred); over 100 events (dinner in restaurants, gala, tastings, masterclasses, media conferences, workshops); publication of the “Italian Cooking for the Global Village” book (no profit collection of 192 recipes one for each chef of Summit 10 editions); 25 Luxury Hotels partnering; 2 Italian Wine List Awards presentations (Hong Kong and Beijing, 35 restaurant rewarded); the first promotional tour of Melius – The world’s 100 best Italian Restaurants; 2 Best Italian Pizza Competitions (Beijing, Dubai, 16 Finalists); Launch of Chinese Cuisines meet Italian wines program (8 Chinese chefs, 80 dishes, 80 Italian wines, 1 printed guide); launch of “An Italian adventure in Hong Kong” book on Pino Piano; countless number (one million?) of views, contacts, likes etc. in social media. 2 Italian Embassies (China and Uae), 3 Italian Consulate General (Dubai, Shanghai and Hong Kong) and 3 delegations of the Italian Trade Commission have endorsed the Summit.

    There is always room for improvement but today we are very happy with this achievement. A big thanks to the chefs, restaurants, partners, sponsors, staff and collaborators: they have been really and truly fantastic. A special thanks also to a lost friend that supported me greatly in the some of the worse moments of my career.

    However I want also to thank the many idiots that did their best to slow down, sabotage or dismiss our efforts in these 10 years. They increased our determination to go ahead. I don’t consider the gossipers nor the fake news spreaders among them, particularly those acting under the effects of drugs. But yes, among those who gave us strength, I want to include that misogynous Restaurant Manager who didn’t want to talk to me if my female assistant was present. And that top manager of a long term Summit’s partner brand who found “irritating” that I tried to present them the historic book on the 10 years of the event.

    I was not asking him for a sponsorship, the book has no sponsors, it’s a “cultural”, charity oriented, project involving 192 of the best Italian chefs. He didn’t even ask details of the monumental work done, he was just “irritated” by my request.