Italian Cuisine World Summit

The Italian Cuisine (and Wine) World Summit has reached its tenth edition, an important milestone in a journey begun years ago, in 2001, when Mario Caramella, chef, and Rosario Scarpato, journalist, both then residing in Australia, realized the value of the community of catering professionals existing around the planet. With farsightedness and determination, they proposed the creation of a virtual network, using the Internet as a new way of promoting Italian cuisine throughout the world. The group, which is recognized in the acronym “Itchefs-Gvci”, has come a long way since then, and includes nearly 3000 professionals living and working in over 70 countries.

Several projects and events have been launched over the years for the promotion of “Made in Italy”, among the most significant being the Italian Cuisine World Summit, which quite rightly soon included Wine; thus reflecting the pre-requisite combination of the essential Italian table and the business conducted by our producers each day in the continually growing eno-gastronomic movement..

The Summit, from its original edition in Hong Kong in 2009, has touched several cities over the years, managing, and often anticipating, institutional and commercial initiatives, to provide a network of chefs to present the best of authentic Italian products. And thanks to our group of chefs, true ambassadors of Italian style and good taste, a great number of our Italian producers have been able to penetrate both old and new markets world-wide.

To celebrate this 10-year milestone in a style worthy of the prestigious annual event, Itchefs-Gvci has spared no expense or effort – in fact, the Summit has gone itinerant and will be held in 4 cities, Hong Kong, Dubai, Beijing and Shanghai, over a period of 20 effervescent days. The proven model of past editions will reign supreme, with multi-handed Gala dinners in every city, master-classes and numerous 4-handed dinners organized in the best Italian restaurants in each location.

The numbers of the Summit are impressive and show the strength of this international network, set in motion by Italian chefs working throughout the world: over the years 250 chefs, representing a total of 130 Michelin stars, have participated; 2000 dinners in more than 150 restaurants served; and dozens of small and large producers have presented the best of “Made in Italy”.

And that’s not all…this year there will be a sort-of Summit preview in Rome, the Caput Mundi of Italian catering and hospitality, with the launch of MELIUS (THE WORLD’S BEST ITALIAN RESTAURANTS), the first network of Italian restaurants whose authoritativeness is certified by the self-same members, a unique platform that will provide both food and wine lovers, as well as professionals, with a definitive guide to recognizing authentic Italian cuisine around the world.