• 20 November 2018
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  • “Italian Cooking for the Global Village” is a 270 page collection of recipes created by 192 chefs, who have been the protagonists of the first ten editions of the Italian Cuisine and Wines World Summit. It’s a very special day for me, after almost 25 years promoting the Italian Culinary culture out of Italy. In introducing this book I would like to thank all the chefs, restaurant and food beverage managers, hotel GMs over the years who believed in the Summit project. A special thanks go to a number of chefs, including Paolo Monti who started the adventure with me, Mario Caramella who was always there with support, and Luca Signoretti, who convinced me to bring the Summit to Dubai.

    In addition, Alessandro Miceli and Francesco Guarracino were particularly supportive in the Dubai years as was Michele Senigaglia in Hong Kong and Amedeo Ferri in Beijing. I want also to say grazie to Cesare Casella (in New York), Pietro Rongoni (in Moscow), Fabio Cappellano (in Delft) and Donato De Santis (in Buenos Aires).

    This book would also not be published without the relentless, stubborn and passionate effort of chef Rosana Milivinti and her immense love for Italy and Italian cuisine. Speaking of love for Italy, a special mention must go to Kate McGhie, the great Australia food writer who edited the book and wrote one of the introductions.

    This book is dedicated to the memory and work of two late incredible individuals who were very close to us: the talented Sante de Santis from Stuttgart and Dorothy Cann Hamilton, the unforgettable founder and director of the International Culinary Center in New York, who always enthusiastically supported the initiatives I proposed her.

    A final thanks goes to a group of dynamic Italian diplomats, Ambassadors and Consuls General, who understood the spirit and potential of the Summit and have given us their support over the years. They include Giovanni Favilli, Alessandra Schiavo, Giorgio Starace, Liborio Stellino and Valentina Setta. We are proud to prominently feature on the cover the official ‘Extraordinary Italian Taste’ logo. The emblem represents, among other things, the Italian Cuisine Week, organized by the Italian government, which by the way was baptized in the 2016 edition of Dubai Summit.

    A special thanks to Maurizio Palazzo, Davide Casalin, Aldo Palaoro and Francesca Lanaro.